Motivation for Running

Aside from feeling more upbeat about my academic work, I am also trying to pull myself out of a running slump. I am definitely not an athlete or even someone who just relish a good sweaty workout. I’ve been really inactive most of my young adult life (aside from the mandatory gym class) and even through college. Before I was 22 or so, I’ve been blessed to live in a big city where the main mode of transportation was the subway/bus/walking. Finally when I was in my third year of my phd program, I finally realized that I had to workout regularly because I was living an extremely sedentary lifestyle. That’s when I started running. The reason I picked up running was mainly because it was relatively low-cost (just need a pair of good sneakers), I had the flexibility to run whenever I feel like it, and I could do it anywhere (since I was traveling a lot during that time).

In the 2+ years that I’ve taken up running, there’s been some up and downs. I’ve been blessed with only suffering very minor strains/injuries but my motivation for running ebbs and flows. When I lived in California, it was really easy to run all year long. The weather was just perfect even during some of the colder months and for a year or two, I sported a nice winter tan from running outside. Since I’ve moved to my current town, I’ve been running far less because I’m intrinsically not very motivated by physcial acitivies. This slump in running coincided with the period when I started to struggle with my own life goals (let’s just call it an existential crisis because that’s what it is). One thing that have always helped (somewhat) to keep me motivated in my running is actually signing up for races. I’ve ran a few here and there…not doing phenomenal in any…but I’ve managed to finish almost every one of them running the whole way.

After looking around for a bit (and chickening out a few times), I finally signed up for the Garden of Gods 10 Miler! Honestly, I’m a little scared because even though the course is supposedly beautiful, it is hilly with a total of  200+ feet elevation gain throughout the course. It’s also in June so depending on how the weather is, it may be hot. But I guess there’s no use psyching myself out before the race is even here…plus I have about 2 months to seriously train for the course. It’ll take a lot of work on hills and upping my cardio-vascular capabilities so I can run hills at an altitude!

I think I’m up for this challenge! Please check back for training updates as I prep for this awesome race!


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