Do You Ever Feel “Blah”?

Today was definitely a “blah” day. It’s only Tuesday and I’m already asking is this week over?? It’s been busy at my house the last couple of days with getting ready for company, hanging out with out-of-town friends, and also prepping for work. It’s only 8:30pm here and I’m already pooped (granted I had been up since 5am)!

Today was a “blah” day because it’s one of those days when I just couldn’t please myself…I didn’t like my outfit, felt tired and sick, didn’t like how my classes turn out, incessantly worried about things that may/may not happen…etc. I guess it’s just one of those days? In the midst of all this, I made an effort to take out an index card of “self-affirmations” that I had written for myself at the beginning of the month:

1.  I am smart and hardworking!

2. I will “make it” one day in academia!

3. Never give up on what feels right!

These self-affirmations might seem silly, but I feel like they are all I have today. My head and my heart often says different things…and the logical me knows that with a good night of sleep (and maybe a warm, hot bath), my troubles would disappear into the night. Tomorrow would be a brand new day with more time for myself. I will cling on that thought as I fall asleep tonight.