GoG 10 Miler Training

After I signed up for the Garden of the Gods 10 Miler (hereafter referred to as GoG10), I managed to also convince two other fellow Army wives to sign up! My friend  M will be running the 5k event while another friend B decided to challenge the 10 miler with me. What have we done??? 

In my last post about the GoG10, I mentioned that the course is challenging so after some half-hearted attempt at working out/running this week while I recover from being under the weather, I decided that I seriously need a plan and I will need to stick to it. Since running and road races have became so popular these days, there are A TON of resources out on there for runners of all levels. And also thanks to the plethora of running/fitness related blogs, one can simply go to a search engine and type in the relevant keywords to a race to find out more info from other people’s experiences. It’s pretty cool and I’ve found my favorite running blogs this way. I digress…

Anyhow, I decided to follow a modified version of the famous Hal Higdon training program (I’m using the 15k novice version). Here’s my updated version to account for several factors such as time to race, my own experiences, and the course I’ll be running on.

GoG10 Training

The original Hal Higdon is a 10 week program, but I only have 9 weeks until race time. Since I’ve done several races before and is in OK shape right now, I just decided to take out the first week. One of my main objectives between now and June 10th is to raise my overall level of fitness…this means that I’ll be incorporating more strength training and will be cross training with the bike. This is something I’ve never really focused on when I trained for all my other races (I just ran) but will probably be necessary and helpful as I get prepared for GoG10. Also, I need to work on HILLS. I hate hills and the ones around my house (and this town!) are absolutely evil. But the terrain of this race looks something like this:

GoG10 Elevation

Um yeah, I would be crazy if I didn’t train on hills. I hope by the end of this journey, I’ll have the level of fitness and the confidence to zoom up those challenging hills around my house (and on the race course too)! I think the training plan is slightly lower on the number of miles I usually run to prep for a race…but I guess the focus of my training is slightly different from what it has been in the past. Anyways, tomorrow starts day 1 of official training. I had hoped that the weather would be good, spring running weather here on out but of course that’s not the case. It’s suppose to snow this week! Fortuntely, the designated snow day is Tuesday, which is my rest/yoga day 🙂

Alright, let the training begin and be sure to check for my progress in one week’s time!