Wordless Wednesday: The Rocky Mountain National Park Edition

Last weekend, the spouse and I drove up to the Rocky Mountain National Park. The weather was gorgeous and it’s just a joy to be surrounded by nature. Here are some pictures from our day there:

Rocky Mt6

Above the tree line, there is still ice/snow…and lots of it!


Rocky Mt5

Except the weather was warm so people were wearing shorts!


Rocky Mt4

Crazy high snow banks on the side of the road


Rocky Mt3

Breathtaking views


Rocky Mt2

We chanced upon a herd of elks…it was amazing!


Rocky Mt1



How has your week been? Happy Wednesday!!


(Not So) Wordless Wednesday: Celebrating A Milestone

I can’t believe it’s late May! Every year this time, I think about my husband and the dedication he’s shown in his work and to his country. For many Americans, moments of national pride comes at the end of the national anthem or when the fireworks go off at a 4th of July celebration. For me, it’s when I see when my husband come through the front door in his uniform. This year we celebrate the 6th year of his commissioning.


Wordless Wednesday: The Army Spouse Edition

It’s a rainy Wednesday here and I’ve been working slowly but steadily on my dissertation 🙂

A couple days ago, I finished going through some photos I took last week. I was really honored to have the opportunity to photograph an Army spouse event! These ladies were awesome and I loved how the photos turned out. I hope you’ll enjoy them too!


Denim and Diamons – Army Spouse Dining-In


A little western and a little sexy


Ladies having a good time


And some dancing too!


Army spouses! These ladies are absolutely amazing!

Wordless Wednesday

There’s this road I often take to get to my husband’s office. It’s usually hustle bustle with cars and soldiers on crosswalks. Yesterday, I drove down the same road around 7pm and it was suprisingly peaceful and quiet. It reminded me of this Army journey we’re on – it’s a wild and hectic ride puntuated with moments of serenity and beauty.